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Shabbat; an island in time. It is synonymous with tranquility, Jewish identity and family. Shabbat begins just before sunset on Friday evening. Turn this Friday night into a " traditional Shabbat" with the following four steps.

1. Prepare cooked foods before Shabbat: To keep food warm you can.

a. Heat up food in an oven until it's piping hot and turn off oven just before candle lighting.
b. Leave food on a warming tray (plata) until you are ready to eat.

2. Turn off cellphones and other electric gadgets before candlelighting.

3. Light candle 18 minutes before sunset. To find out what time candle lighting is in your city click here.
It is customary for married womend to light two candles and for unmarried women and girls to light one candle. Some women have the custom to light an additional candle for every member in their family.

4. Conduct a traditional (gadget-free) dinner which includes:
    a. Singing Shalom Aleichem and Eishet Chayil.
    b. Making Kiddush over a cup of wine
    c. Washing your hands and making the Bracha for the Challah.
    d. Sharing inspiring Torah thoughts and/or stories which can be printed from the internet.
    e. Sing your favorite Jewish songs.
    f. Recite Birkat Hamazon - Grace after meal.

To download a detailed guide including the texts for the Friday night meal click here.

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