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Chabad Japan Operations COVID-19 (Corona Virus) :

Your extended hand to Chabad Japan ensures our continued services to you in the future!

Dear friends of Chabad Japan,


Due to the current world situation and impact of COVID-19 (Corona Virus), Chabad Japan is going through a difficult time where our finances, attendance and overall well being of our community is challenged.

We need your help

While our small long term community who are currently supporting us continues to get involved, we count on the good heart of all our visitors whom we welcome with an open arm benefit from the small but ever growing operation here in Japan.

Tokyo Jewish life in struggle

At the moment, We do what we do day and day out with minimal budget while not sacrificing any of the fundamentals of what it means to be Jewish. Including Shabbat services where we welcome Jews like you from all walks of life.


I’m reaching out to you today to ask you to stretch your hand and help to sustain our Chabad house in Tokyo through this difficult period. 


Friends, as an old African proverb says, "When Spider Web Unite, They can tie up a Lion". We can always make possible the impossible.


We can’t run alone, we need you to run with us, To continue be a partner in our Chabad Japan


I’m sure, that this whole MESHIGENE time is just another step in getting the world closer to moshiach and eventually we will all be able to say, “Odcha Hashem ki anafta bi — I thank You, Hashem, for You were angry with me, but You removed Your wrath and comforted me.”


Rabbi Mendi and Chana Sudakevich