How hard is it to keep kosher in Japan?

Keeping kosher in Japan simply requires some level of organization.  If you are coming on a short visit, we recommend that you stock up on your favorite kosher food items from home. In Japan, you’ll find some of the best quality fruit, vegetables and fish in the world, and some imported hekhshered items in the handful of supermarkets catering to foreigners in Tokyo. Grocery shopping there is really expensive, too!

Where can I find imported kosher food products in Tokyo?

National Azabu Supermarket has a the wide range of imported foods, including Kosher frozen bagels, kosher tortillas, bread and pita, chips, kosher wine, tunafish, cookies, etc. (all at a high price!). They also deliver within a 20-minute radius of the store.

“National” is a 2 minute walk east of the Hiro-o subway station, near the Arisugiwa park. See map. 4-5-2 Minami-Azabu. Phone: (03) 3442 3181 – Open 9:30am – 8pm daily.

Another good international supermarket for finding kosher products is Nissin World Delicatessen. Here's a map. Similar range of products; delivery service available as well.

Located 2 minutes away from the Azabu-juban subway station. Higashi-Azabu 2-34-2. Phone: (03) 3583 4586. Open 9:30am-8pm daily.

Can I purchase meals from you during the week?

All kosher meals can be purchased from the kosher restaurant Chana's Place. For a list of available dishes and their prices, click here

Is there any vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo?

We recommend that you exercise utmost caution since the Japanese often stick to a very casual definition of “vegetarian.” For instance, noodles are almost always served in broths (“dashi”) that contain meat and seafood, bread is often made with lard, sushi rice is often mixed with unkosher additives, etc.

Looking to become Kosher certified in Japan?

Are you a food company in Japan looking to become Kosher certified? For information about Kosher certification here in Japan visit this website 

Do you have a list of kosher fish?

Here it is.

Can I find Cholov Israel products in Japan?

Unfortunately, no.

How about Kosher l’Pesach products?

We import a selection of products every year to meet the need of the local community. Get in touch with us for a specific list. The JCC also usually has a selection of Israeli products kosher l’Pesach.