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Taste our traditional Jewish delicacies with a gourmet touch.
Kosher & Catering Services

We offer kosher food and Shabbat meals to locals and tourists from Chabad of Japan, Tokyo.

Taste our traditional Jewish delicacies with a gourmet touch.

Catering, large quantities and special orders are available! Please ask us for options. We can prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can also get fresh breads and bakery products such as Challah breads, special birthday cakes, and more!

Please contact at [email protected]

Our Kosher Menu
Other Kosher Items:
Homemade Challah ¥600
Red or White wine bottle ¥1000 (Imported from Israel)
Tirosh grape juice ¥1000 (Imported from Israel)
Pickels: ¥600 (Imported from Israel)
Tahini base ¥800
Row Chicken (Please check for availability) ¥1200
Special Catering Services:
We provide our kosher catering services for Bar Mitzva, Wedding, Birthday, or any occasions upon your request! We can customize the special menu for you. 
Delivery Info:
Please delivery for the locations near Chabad of Tokyo (minumum order of ¥3,000)
Please contact [email protected]
Q&A "Keeping Kosher in Japan"

Q. Where can I find imported kosher food products in Tokyo?

A. National Azabu Supermarket has a the wide range of imported foods, including Kosher H&H bagels, kosher tortillas, bread and pita, chips, kosher wine, tunafish, cookies, etc.

Q. Can I purchase meals from you during the week?

A. With a little bit of advanced notice, we can provide delicious home-cooked meals to travellers in need.

Q. Is there any supervised kosher or vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo?

A. A new Kosher restaurant will be opended end of Feb 2014  Shvat 5774 אי"ה 

Q. Can I find Cholov Israel products in Japan?

A. Unfortunately, no.

Q. Are there any kosher drinks in the vending machines that I see everywhere?

A. A few of the drinks are ok to drink: Water, Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite and Fanta Orange.  The Green Teas are usually ok, but we recommend asking someone familiar with kosher Japan if unsure.  Unfortunately, most of "milk teas," coffees (even their 'black' coffees in cans often have milk or unkosher additives) and most other drinks have unsupervised additives and flavorings. 

Don't forget to make a reservation for your Holiday meals at Chabad of JAPAN!
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