Ganeinu Hebrew School

Welcome to Ganeinu, a part-time Hebrew school open to all the Jewish children of Tokyo. Ganeinu is a place where each child can develop his or her personality while making new friends and building a strong Jewish identity.

At Ganeinu, school teachers from Israel bring their expertise on education, children’s psychology and all things Jewish to local children. They build a curriculum adapted to the needs of each child, and foster a positive, safe, and stimulating learning environment. Classes take place at the Chabad House, where a backyard allows children to enjoy some outdoor activities as well.

 Ganeinu offers classes to children in two age groups: 

  • The first group caters to kids ages 3 to 4 1/2.  The Group meets once a week for a whole day, to be determined at the beginning of the school year, in September, with the parents. 
  • The second group caters to kids age 5 to 7. Because these children are generally attending one of the International schools, classes are organized around their free time, and are likely to meet on Sundays and school holidays.

Ganeinu’s classes are based on the Israeli curriculum for children in ‘Kitah Alef.’ Classes are held in Hebrew, but children who are not yet fluent Hebrew speakers are encouraged to attend as well.

Subjects studies include:

  • Alef-beit and hebrew literacy
  • Familiarization with the stories of the Torah
  • Discovery and celebration of the Jewish Holidays
  • Study of nature’s cycle and of the seasons
  • Sensibilization to the history and beauty of the Land of Israel.

For more information on Ganeinu, contact Chana Sudakevitch at: